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Eliminite, Inc. designs and manufactures advanced wastewater treatment systems for residential, community and commercial developments throughout the western United States. The most basic Eliminite system consistently achieves 60%+ reduction in Total Nitrogen, BOD/COD and other wastewater contaminants. Custom and semi-custom Eliminite systems are available to treat higher strength waste and to meet more stringent treatment standards.


Eliminite offers more design flexibility and customized options than competing technologies. Our lightweight, free-flowing treatment media can be installed in myriad tanks and configurations, so the Eliminite system may be scaled to meet the specific flow, phasing and financial requirements of each project. Our staff works closely with engineers and contractors throughout the design and installation process to ensure that each land development project is equipped with the optimal Eliminite configuration.


We recognize that developing property in the absence of municipal infrastructure requires specialized expertise. Typically, building sites are situated in geographically remote, topographically varied areas of heightened environmental sensitivity where water is scarce and highly protected, which is why we've chosen to focus exclusively on decentralized wastewater treatment solutions. Our firm does not simply sell wastewater treatment components. We also offer a unique set of skills that greatly facilitates the design, permitting and installation processes, saving engineers, contractors and their clients time and money.


The Eliminite system has served rural developments across the west for nearly 18 years. For more information, call 406-581-1613 or email



MetaRocks® are the patented, proprietary biological treatment media found exclusively in Eliminite Advanced Wastewater Treatment Systems. Coated with a custom blend of sand and crushed recycled glass, MetaRocks® contoured, hydrophilic surface promotes the controlled, uniform microorganism growth which optimizes the advanced treatment process. MetaRocks® are lightweight and easy to ship; they can be customized to better satisfy unique treatment demands in commercial and industrial systems. A MetaRocks® media bed is designed to perform even under the most inhospitable onsite applications where flow and influent characteristics are highly variable. Thanks to their optimized shape, size, and surface coating, MetaRocks® will provide many years of high quality wastewater treatment with little to no maintenance.

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